Robert Markow, The Montreal Gazette

"His double octaves may have been the fastest since Horowitz's, and even cleaner."

Marc Durand, University of Montreal

"His musical concepts are always very intelligent, imaginative and convincing. Lucas is one of the most gifted pianists that I worked with over the past thirty years. He will most certainly become one of the very best pianists in the country."

Ireneus Zuk, The Hnatyshyn Foundation

"The pianist had superb control of the instrument, especially in the Ravel and Prokofiev. Brilliant technique, commands a wide range of pianistic colours and expression. Lots of promise here!"

The Montreal Gazette

“But the real artist in the group was Porter, who turned 20 just days before the competition opened. His program alone deserves comment: two modest, technically simple pieces (Egon Petri’s arrangement of Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze and a Haydn Sonata) played with grace, poise, and delicate touch but without even a suggestion of the firestorm he would unleash in the Liszt’s Sonata, he poured forth great torrents of sound--without banging!--that truly enthralled, but he also reveled in the most exquisite pianissimos that nevertheless carried to the back of the hall.”

The New York Times

“At 12, Lucas Porter already has the distinction of being one of the few musicians to have played the challenging third movement of Beethoven's ''Moonlight'' Sonata on two pianos at the same time.”

Marc Durand, University of Montreal

"Lucas Porter is an outstanding pianist, a most knowledgeable musician for his young age and as well, a very inspiring artist."

Natasha Gauthier, The Ottawa Citizen

"Porter displayed staggering virtuosity, with some of the old-school pyrotechnics and unabashed romanticism of early 20th-century legends like Moiseiwitsch or even Sofronitsky."

Thomas Clahane, The Grapevine

"The best way I can describe the experience of listening to Lucas Porter play piano is that it feels like balancing on a razor blade - the experience is so intense."