Concerto No.1 in D Minor, BWV 1052

English Suite in A Minor, BWV 807

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.1 in C Major, BWV 846

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.2 in C Minor, BWV 847

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.3 in C-Sharp Major, BWV 849

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.4 in C-Sharp Minor, BWV 850

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.6 in D Minor, BWV 852

Prelude and Fugue Book 1 No.15 in G Major, BWV 860

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565 (arr. Ferruccio Busoni)

Toccata in D Major, BWV 912

"Sheep May Safely Graze” BWV 208 (arr. Egon Petri)

Sinfonia No.11 in G Minor, BWV 797






Sonata for Clarinet and Piano


32 Variations in C Minor, WoO 80

Concerto No.1, Op.15 in C Major

Sonata No.1, Op.2 in F Minor

Sonata No.17, Op.31, No.2 in D Minor “Tempest”

Sonata No.2, Op.27 in C-Sharp Minor "Moonlight"

Sonata No.21, Op.53 in C Major "Waldstein"

Sonata No.30, Op.109 in E Major







Intermezzi, Op.118

Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op.78 in G Major









Berceuse, Op.57 in D-Flat Major

Concerto Op.21, No.2 in F Minor

Etude Op.10, No.3 in E Major “Tristesse”

Etude Op.10, No.4 in C-Sharp Minor “Torrent”

Etude Op.10, No.5 in G-Flat Major “Black Keys”

Etude Op.10, No.6 in E-Flat Minor

Etude Op.10, No.9 in F Minor

Etude Op.10, No.12 in C Minor “Revolutionary”

Etude Op.25, No.1 in A-Flat Major “Aeolian Harp”

Etude Op.25, No.6 in G-Sharp Minor “Thirds”

Etude Op.25, No.9 in G-Flat Major “Butterfly Wings”

Etude Op.25, No.11 in A Minor “Winter Wind”

Fantasie-Impromptu, Op.66 in C-Sharp Minor

Mazurka Op.33, No.3 in C Major

Nocturne Op.9, No.2 in E-flat Major

Nocturne Op.9, No.3 in B Major

Nocturne Op.15, No.1 in F Major

Nocturne Op.15, No.2 in F-Sharp Major

Nocturne Op.27, No.2 in D-Flat Major

Nocturne Op.Posth, No.20 in C-Sharp Minor

Polonaise Op.44 in F-Sharp Minor

Preludes, Op.28

Sonata for Cello and Piano Op.65 in G Minor

Waltz Op.64, No.1 in D-Flat Major “Minute Waltz”

Waltz Op.64, No.2 in C-Sharp Minor

Waltz Op.69, No.1 in A-Flat Major “L’Adieu”

Waltz Op.Posth, No.14 in E Minor






Arabesque No.1

Clair de Lune

Images, Book 1

Pour le Piano








Concerto in F Major

Three Preludes for the Piano

Rhapsody in Blue









Danzas Argentinas







Concerto Op.16 in A Minor









Sonata Hob.16/24 in D Major

Sonata Hob.16/20 in C Minor

Sonata Hob.16/36 in B Minor





Sonata,S.178 in B Minor

Three Concert Etudes: No.2 “La Leggierezza”<

Liebesträume No.3 in A-Flat Major

Ballade No.2 in B Minor

Six Consolations, S.172




Wild Innocence





Fantasy in F-Sharp Minor, Op.28

Rondo and Capriccioso, Op.14 in E Minor






Étude de sonorité No.2





Sonata No.18, K.576 in D Major

Sonata for Violin and Piano No.32, K.454 in B-Flat Major





Banalités FP.107

Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D Minor

Les Soirées de Nazelles, FP.84

Sextet for Piano and Wind Quintet, Op.100

Melancholie, FP.105





Bells for the End of Time

Fantasy in B-Flat Major


Prelude in G Major

Paris in the 1930’s

Nocturne in B-Flat Minor

Waltz in E-Flat Major










10 Pieces for Piano from Romeo and Juliet

Concerto No.3, Op.26 in C Major

Sonata No.3, Op.28  in A Minor

Sonata No.4, Op.29 in C Minor

Sonata No.5 in C Major, Op.135 (Revised Version)

Sonata No.7, Op.83 in B-Flat Major

Sonata No.8, Op.84 in B-Flat Major

Sonata No.9, Op.103 in C Major

Sonata No.1, Op. 80 in F Minor for Violin and Piano

Etude Op.2, No.1 in D Minor

Scythian Suite (arranged for solo piano by Lucas Porter)

Tales of an Old Grandmother, No.2

Toccata, Op.11 in D Minor





Etude-Tableau Op.33, No.8 in G Minor

Prelude Op.32, No.10 in B Minor

Prelude Op.3, No.2 in C-Sharp Minor

Prelude Op.23, No.4 in D Major

Moment Musicaux Nos.3, 4, 5






Concerto for the Left Hand

Concerto in G Major

Jeux d’eau





Quintet D.667, Op.114 in D Major “Trout”

Impromptu Op.90, No.2 in E-Flat Major

Impromptu Op.90 No.3 in G-Flat Major

Sonata in A Major, D.959





Papillons, Op.2

Träumerai, “Kinderszenen” No.7





Concertino for Two Pianos in A Minor, Op.94

Concerto No.1, Op.35 in C Minor

Concerto No.2, Op.102 in F Major





Firebird Suite (arr. Guido Agosti)





Etude Op.8 No.12 in D-Sharp Minor

Etude Op.2 No.1 in C-Sharp Minor